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Discovering changes in your child's vision can be unsettling. Have you noticed changes in your child’s eye health—perhaps seeing more frequent eye rubbing, changes in eye colour, or complaints of vision disturbances such as blurriness or double vision? These signs can often indicate underlying eye conditions that require immediate professional attention. Dr Hamada is our clinical lead and a highly experienced paediatric ophthalmologist. Get in touch with our friendly team now if you are concerned about your child's eye health.

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Why Choose Eye Clinic London?

Choosing the right paediatric ophthalmology clinic for your child’s eye health is crucial. At our clinic in London, we specialise in paediatric eye care, providing expert diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of eye conditions affecting children.

At our clinic, led by Mr Hamada, we understand your concerns as a parent and offer a compassionate and expert approach to eye care, making us a trusted choice for families. Renowned for his extensive experience and significant contributions at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Mr Hamada's expertise and compassionate approach make him a trusted authority and a leader in paediatric ophthalmology, ensuring your child receives the highest standard of care and the best possible treatment.

At Eye Clinic London, we are dedicated to delivering compassionate and specialised care from routine check-ups to advanced treatments for complex eye conditions, ensuring the best outcomes for our young patients and their families.

Expert Paediatric Ophthalmologist

Mr. Samer Hamada is a renowned corneal and refractive ophthalmic surgeon, with over 25 years of comprehensive experience in ophthalmology across UK and internationally. His advanced training includes fellowships in cornea and anterior segment at the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre, Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary, and QVH’s Corneoplastic Unit and Eye Bank. Particularly important is his fellowship in paediatric ophthalmology at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London.

Mr Hamada is proficient in performing complex corneal and vision correcting surgeries, with a specialised interest in managing congenital and developmental diseases of cornea and ocular surface in children. His expertise in congenital corneal diseases and innovative treatments, like paediatric keratoplasty, are specially tailored for young patients.

His approach integrates cutting-edge techniques with a deep-seated passion for improving paediatric eye health, making significant advancements especially in the treatment of congenital eye diseases and complex cases that require innovative solutions. Renowned for his expertise in treating complex congenital eye conditions, Mr. Hamada is adept at handling a wide array of paediatric eye issues, ranging from common infections to rare and challenging disorders.

His commitment to paediatric ophthalmology is marked by a dedicated approach to developing and refining surgical techniques that cater specifically to the psychological needs of children, ensuring the highest standards of care for his youngest patients.

Exploring Causes

Specialised Services for Paediatric Eye Conditions

Our paediatric ophthalmology clinic specialises in the treatment of congenital eye conditions, providing targeted therapies and surgical interventions developed through years of research and clinical practice.

  • Congenital Cataracts: We offer customised surgical treatments for congenital cataracts, utilising precision techniques that restore vision while minimising the risk of complications. Mr Hamada’s expertise in paediatric eye surgery ensures that our youngest patients receive the best possible outcomes.
  • Congenital Corneal Diseases: Our treatments for congenital corneal diseases include corneal transplantation and other advanced surgical procedures that improve sight and, importantly, the quality of life for affected children.
Symptoms to Watch For

Revolutionary Treatment for Amblyopia

Our children's ophthalmology clinic in London offers innovative dichoptic treatment for Amblyopia, a cutting-edge method that has revolutionised the treatment landscape for "lazy eye." Bynocs, a therapy that trains the brain to use both eyes effectively, thus improving vision, reflects Mr Hamada's dedication to introducing new treatments that promise to revolutionise paediatric eye care. This innovative approach has shown remarkable results in correcting this condition, which traditionally required more invasive methods like patching.

Common Paediatric Eye Problems

Common Paediatric Eye Problems

In addition to specialised care, we treat common eye issues among children, including:

  • Myopia management, which has become increasingly prevalent due to the rising use of digital screens.
  • Eye Infections and Allergies: Effective management of eye infections and allergies is crucial for maintaining healthy vision in children.
  • Eye Trauma: Emergency appointments are available for eye injuries at our paediatric ophthalmologist clinic in London to ensure every child has access to the latest and most effective treatments.
  • Other conditions like watery eyes, red eyes, dry eyes are also expertly managed at our clinic, ensuring that minor issues are addressed promptly and effectively to prevent long-term complications.
Paediatric Eye Care

The Importance of Early Treatment in Paediatric Eye Care

Early intervention is a cornerstone of our practice. Prompt assessment and treatment are vital for preventing the progression of eye diseases and ensuring the best possible outcomes for children. Our paediatric ophthalmologist, Mr. Hamada, emphasises the need for early diagnosis and treatment, especially for conditions like congenital cataracts, corneal diseases and amblyopia, where timely intervention can significantly impact a child’s vision development and overall quality of life.

Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Services at Our Clinic

Our paediatric ophthalmology clinic is equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology, allowing us to conduct thorough examinations and employ advanced imaging techniques to understand the full scope of an eye condition. Our comprehensive diagnostic approach ensures accurate assessments, leading to effective and timely interventions.

  • Prompt Assessment for Early Intervention: Recognising the early signs of eye health issues and addressing them promptly is crucial. Our clinic prioritises rapid assessment to prevent the progression of potentially serious conditions.
  • Detailed Examination Using Child-Friendly Techniques: We use non-invasive, child-friendly techniques to ensure that our young patients are comfortable during their examinations. This approach not only aids in accurate diagnosis but also helps build trust with our patients, making them more cooperative during the treatment process.
Paediatric Eye Care

Beyond Treatment: Comprehensive Care and Edutaction

At our clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to paediatric eye care. This philosophy extends beyond direct treatment and includes preventive care, regular health checks, and educational initiatives to help parents understand their children’s eye health needs.

  • Preventive Care and Regular Health Checks: Regular check-ups are essential in monitoring eye health and catching potential issues early. Our preventive services help in identifying risk factors for eye diseases, allowing for early intervention and better management of the child's overall eye health.conditions.
  • Empowering Parents Through Education and Support: Understanding that dealing with a child’s eye condition can be stressful for parents, our clinic not only focuses on treating young patients but also on supporting their families. Mr. Hamada and our team are dedicated to educating parents about their child’s condition and the care process. This empowerment helps families make informed decisions about their child’s health and plays a critical role in the treatment and recovery process.
Patient Stories

Patient Stories and Testimonials

The success of our treatments and the impact on our patients’ lives can best be seen through their stories. Families frequently share their positive experiences at our clinic, noting Mr. Hamada’s expert care, the friendly clinic environment, and the improvement in their children’s vision and daily activities. These testimonials underscore the effectiveness of our approach and the profound difference it makes in our patients' lives.

Why Choose our Paediatric Ophthalmologist Clinic?

Choosing our clinic means entrusting your child's eye health to one of the best paediatric ophthalmologists in the world. Our advanced diagnostic capabilities, combined with Mr. Hamada’s extensive expertise and the compassionate care we provide, ensure that each child receives personalised and effective treatment.

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