Leading Private Cataracts Surgery in London

Do you experience glare and halos around lights, especially while driving at night? This is a common symptom of cataracts. Our team at Eye Clinic London is ready to guide you towards a solution that fits your lifestyle, including private cataract surgery tailored to your unique needs.

Welcome to our brief guide on cataracts, a prevalent eye condition that can significantly affect vision. Cataracts occur when the lens of your eye becomes cloudy, often due to aging, genetics, medications, or underlying health issues. Engaging in private cataract treatment early can prevent further deterioration of vision.


Cataracts are treatable through surgery. Advancements in surgical techniques have revolutionised the treatment landscape for cataracts, providing an effective solution through cataract surgery. This treatment includes the removal of the cloudy lens and the insertion of an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Opting for cataract surgery at Eye Clinic London means choosing a path towards rapid recovery and improved vision.

At Eye Clinic London, your cataract surgery is in safe hands. We employ the latest femtosecond laser technology for precise and minimally invasive procedures. Our experienced consultant ophthalmic surgeon implements a seamless blend of expertise and latest innovations in cataract surgery. Mr. Samer Hamada, the founder and medical director, has performed cataract surgery on more than 20,000 eyes with a 0% capsule rupture rate (CTR), reflecting our commitment to Private and safe care.