Leading Corneal Human Inlays Treatment (CAIRS/ KERANATURAL)

Introduction to Corneal Human Inlays: A New Era in Treating Corneal Diseases

Corneal Human Inlays stand at the forefront of ophthalmology, offering a revolutionary treatment for keratoconus and other corneal diseases. This innovative approach, which came into existence in the early 21st century, has significantly advanced the field of eye care, giving hope for those suffering from conditions that were once challenging to manage.

What Are Corneal Human Inlays?

Corneal Human Inlays are small, ring-like pieces made from donor human corneal tissue. They are biocompatible as they come from human cornea, which makes them impossible to be rejected by your eye. They integrate withing the cornea, improving its profile and as a result, the cornea becomes more regular, leading to permanent improvement in visual potential.

It has been designed specifically for people with keratoconus. It is minimally invasive procedure. The most advanced lasers are used to create channels within the cornea. To implant ring segment in the cornea.