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Have you observed your child frequently scratching or rubbing their eyes, showing difficulty in focusing on objects, or struggling with activities like reading? Do these symptoms seem to impede their developmental progress? As a parent, it can be deeply unsettling to notice such signs in your child, potentially indicating a congenital corneal disease.

Understanding Congenital Corneal Diseases

The news that your newborn has a congenital corneal disease can be extremely overwhelming. The mix of emotions – from confusion to devastation – is understandable. However, it's important to know that you are not alone in this journey. At Eye Clinic London, we understand the emotional turmoil and concern that comes with such observations and diagnoses.

Types and Symptoms

Types and Symptoms

Congenital corneal diseases encompass a range of conditions present from birth, affecting the clarity, shape, or overall health of the cornea – the eye's clear, front surface. These diseases can vary in severity and type, including conditions like corneal dystrophies, congenital glaucoma, or keratoconus. The causes are often rooted in genetics, though environmental factors during pregnancy can also contribute.

mr samer hamada

Congenital Corneal Care by Mr Hamada

Mr Hamada is a renowned expert in paediatric ophthalmology, specializing in congenital corneal diseases in children. His approach, rooted in advanced training and innovative treatments, like paediatric keratoplasty, specially tailored for young patients. Eye Clinic London, under his leadership, stands as the only private practice offering such specialised care for complex paediatric cases. Mr Hamada has also pioneered the first private Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease Clinic as part of the London Children’s Eye Clinic at Great Ormond Street, demonstrating a deep commitment to providing top-tier care for challenging paediatric eye conditions. His warm, empathetic approach ensures a comforting experience for his young patients and their families.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis of these conditions is crucial and can be complex. It involves a thorough examination using advanced technologies to assess the cornea's structure and function. Early detection plays a pivotal role in managing the condition effectively and preserving your child’s vision.

At Eye Clinic London, we are equipped with innovative technologies and treatment approaches, ensuring that your child receives the best possible care.

Our consultant specialist, Mr Samer Hamda - a leader in paediatric corneal disease, is dedicated to providing tailored treatments that address each child's unique needs. Whether it's through specialized contact lenses, medications, or advanced surgical procedures, our goal is to ensure the best visual outcomes for your child.

Remember, while congenital corneal diseases pose challenges, the advancements in eye care offer hope. With early and effective intervention, many children with these conditions go on to have a quality of life and vision that would have seemed impossible years ago.

At Eye Clinic London, we are committed to walking this path with you, providing support, care, and the most advanced treatments available. Your child's vision and well-being are our utmost priorities, and we are here to help them achieve their full potential.

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